Introducing LMC: Taking talent to the Top!

Introducing LMC: Taking talent to the Top!

The foundation LMC Secondary Education offers interdenominational and innovative education in Rotterdam.
At our 23 high schools, with more than 9,300 enrolled students and 1,300 employees, all educational levels from the most practical secondary educational level to the highest secondary educational level are represented.

LMC offers small-size and safe learning environments tailored to meet a student's learning ability. The school atmosphere and the caring environment play an equally important role when compared to learning achievements. Our multiethnic LMC schools combine a liberal culture in which crystal-clear rules are emphasized, with equal opportunity for all.

Mission Statement Our values are:
• we believe in talent 
• we are caring, broad-minded and focused on cooperation 
• we are consistent

LMC is dedicated to educating all its Rotterdam students and its other students from the Rotterdam area. With an interdenominational background, LMC offers an education which is tailored to a student's learning ability. LMC stimulates students to discover where they belong in society and to be able to contribute to society. We offer education which includes a complete range of secondary educational levels in all varieties, in small, caring and safe learning environments.

Our focus is on the individual potential of these students and their vast capabilities. LMC aims at making talent transparent and encourages students to develop their talents to the best of their abilities. LMC strives towards recognizing the true ability of each student and stimulates each student in achieving the highest learning performance possible, as we Dutch say: 'er uit halen wat er in zit' ('get the most out of yourself').

Encouraging students from colourful backgrounds to reach their top potential, means clear choices have to be made in what we offer. LMC continually adapts its curriculum to fit its students 'needs and studying habits. Within the framework of Dutch educational standards, specific school programmes are developed which allow flexible movement within the various secondary educational levels and from these levels to higher education.'

LMC asks parents and students to become actively involved and to cooperate together when contributing to its educational programme. LMC is broad-minded, is clear and consistent in its approach, and has crystal-clear rules which it enforces. Should parents need advice in raising adolescents, LMC offers its support where necessary. LMC works closely together with both higher education institutions as well as with the business community in adjusting its educational programme to meet career requirements. Together with educational institutions and the municipality of Rotterdam, LMC offers support to students with a handicap.

LMC stimulates schools and teachers to contemplate about educational methods which can improve the quality of the educational system. We encourage others to come up with new solutions, even if these solutions mean breaking new ground. This is why we stimulate the exchange of information between our schools.

LMC monitors its innovative practices intensively. We have implemented a number of these innovations. In addition, we continually contribute to optimizing the quality of education in the multicultural city of Rotterdam as well as contribute to other issues which affect this city.